What are the benefits of black ginseng extract?

Black ginseng is made by using the principle of“Nine steaming and nine exposing” in the ancient method and by improving the modern patent technology. The fresh ginseng is steamed and dried by steam or other methods, ginseng having a brown or dark brown color. Nine steamed nine sun, the earliest recorded in the southern and northern dynasties period, “Lei Gong Gun Zhi Lun” has about 1600 history, generally used to prepare more precious medicinal materials. This technique has the effect of“Increasing efficiency and decreasing toxicity,” reducing the greasy and sticky nature of the raw material, making it easier to digest, decomposing toxicity and impurities, and making the effect purer and calmer. The main active ingredient of black ginseng is saponins, including polysaccharides, polyphenols and many kinds of amino acids, etc. , such as anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, blood sugar, improve immunity, anti-inflammation.
The main active ingredient in ginseng is a gin-seng saponin called ginsenoside. Ginseng in the multi-steaming multi-exposure (repeated cooking and drying) during the processing of ingredients will change. The chemical structure of ginsenoside glycoside is changed and new components are formed by the addition of water to decompose the saccharides (glucose, arabinose, xylose, rhamnose) in the Aglycone. The content of rare ginsenosides (RG3, RK1, RG5, RH2) was further increased, and“Dry saponin” re & RG1 was transformed into“Non-dry saponin” RH1, resulting in rare ginsenosides RG3, RH2, which were 5-20 times higher than that of red ginseng, the above ginsenosides were almost absent in raw ginseng. At the same time, through a special processing technology to remove most of the dry components in ginseng, ginseng nature is more moderate. The content of ginsenosides with high effective absorption rate has been greatly increased, especially Rh and RG3. The dry component“RE & RG1” is converted into non-coal component“RH1”, which is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body.
Our black ginseng extract production learn from the characteristics of the ancient steaming and drying process, has many patented technologies, has carried on the optimization and the improvement to the traditional nine steaming and nine drying technology, the stability control of appearance, color, moisture and active ingredient was realized in the production process of black ginseng. The content of rare saponins was increased by 150 times, 1.2% of rare saponins and 30% of ginseng polysaccharide were extracted from rare saponins, the dryness was reduced, it was easy to be absorbed when it was not heated, and the flavor was mellow, the imported sweet and bitter taste, improved ancient process, dry reduce easy to absorb.
benefits of black ginseng extract
Specification: Total Ginsenosides 3%, Rg3+Rk1+R5>0.4%
Assay Method: HPLC
Botanical Source: Panax Ginseng
Botanical Part Used: Root
Character: Powder
Certification:ISO22000,HACCP KOSHER,HALAL
The ginsenosides RQ3, RG5 and RK1 extracted from black ginseng can repair the memory damage caused by alcohol by inhibiting cholinesterase, and play a neuroprotective role in treating Alzheimer's disease, rG3 has definite anti-tumor activity and RG5 can induce many kinds of tumor cells to die.
Black ginseng polysaccharide can delay and improve fatigue, whiten skin, control body weight, protect kidney, protect liver, regulate immune response to virus, improve respiratory health, improve memory