The “medicine chest” of Europe —— Elderberry


 What is elderberry

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) is a plant belonging to the Sambucus in the Adoxaceae. It is native to Southern Europe and North
American. It occupies an important place in the history of European herbal medicine. Hippocrates is respected by the West as the father of medicine, he called elderberry his medicine chest because of the rich health benefits of elderberry. Elderberry contains a variety of 

natural ingredients, including various types of flavonoids, anthocyanins, vitamins, amino acids, and various minerals. In particular, the content of iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C is far more than most berry plants. Based on scientific research, elderberry extract has the fuctions of boosting immunity, resisting flu viruses, anti-oxidation.


The Benefits of Elderberry
1. Anti-flu

German scientist found that a standardized elderberryliquid extract possesses antimicrobial activity againstboth Gram-positive bacteria ofStreptococcuspyogenes and group C and G Streptococci,and theGram-negative bacterium. The liquid extract alsodisplays an inhibitory effect on the propagation ofhuman pathogenic influenza viruses.

Reference: BMC Complementary and alternative medicine 2011 11:16

2. Boosting Imunity
Groza M studied that natural substance like Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and Aronia berry (Aronia melanocarpa) cansignificantly improve the immune defense ability through T cell test on diabetic rats.
Reference: Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 2011,16(1):115-118.

3. Antioxidant activity
Bratu M completed a study about measuring the in vitro antioxi-dant activity of elderberry extract by a photo chemiluminescencemethod.The result show that elderberry extract powder has avery high in vitro antioxidant activity and no mutagenic effects atlow concentrations, which makes it recommendable for applica-tions in the food industry.
Reference: Food Technology and Biotechnology,2012,50(2):177-182.
Application of Elderberry
1. Elderberry can be applied in food, and the dosage forms are gummy, effervescent tablets, solid beverages, chewable tablets, etc.

Elderberry gummies are concentrated with a special process and combined with other multiple nutrients. Sweet and sour, low-sugar formula, which is a snack suitable for daily consumption.
Elderberry drinks maximize the nutritional value of elderberry while retaining the various nutrients and natural berry flavor of the raw materials, supplemented by β-glucan to regulate the immune mechanism, and help people improve the body's immunity.
Elderberry chewable tablets are easy to digest and absorb, and taste sweet and sour. Take two tablets a day, can effectively anti-oxidation. They are also a popular health food in recent years.

2. Elderberry can be used in cosmetics. It has the effect of moisturizing the skin and anti-aging.
Elderberry is rich in oil, which can be obtained by pressing and solvent extraction. Elderberry oil has good permeability to human skin and is easily absorbed by the skin. The cosmetics made from it are rubbed on the surface of the skin, and a uniform film will quickly form on the surface of the skin, smooth but not greasy.
The anthocyanins in elderflower can refresh and moisturize the eye area. Many elderberry eye creams are made from elderflower extracts.

3. Elderberry can also be used in daily necessities for shampoo and hair care.
The active ingredients of elderberry have the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic.