Featured Activities--Guangdong Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical "four people five feet" activity was held successfully!

     The sunshine is warm and quiet, the breeze is warm and gentle, the blue sky and white clouds are floating, and the air is dense with the fragrance of faint osmanthus. In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, relieve work pressure, stimulate work enthusiasm, cultivate solidarity and love, and convey the concept of healthy life and happy work, the company held a four-person five-legged fun activity competition with the theme of "I am sports, I am healthy, I am happy" on September 30.
   There are 6 teams participating in this activity, the athletes and cheerleaders are full of enthusiasm, the team name and slogan are also catchy, each has its own style and personality: 

  1,Leap team - go forward, never stop!
  2, invincible team - autumn wind blowing, war drums beating, who is afraid of who on the field of play!
  3, the flag victory team - flag victory, flag victory!
  4,Elf team - cute elves, always happy!
  5,Enterprising team--striving and enterprising, win the first!
  6,Victory team - relay relay, catch the victory!

Featured Activities

    Chen, executive vice president of the company, gave the opening speech for this activity: First, the organization of this activity is to hope that we are busy after the activities, activities, to relieve the pressure of work; second, under our feet, it is the new "territory" that we opened up, in order to expand the second phase of the expansion, everyone here has paid double the efforts, thank you for your Thank you for your efforts! Thirdly, I hope that through this activity, we can release our strong-willed and tenacious spirit, further establish the concept of healthy life and happy work, actively exercise, strengthen the will to cooperate and meet more challenges in the future with a strong body!

    The location of this activity is chosen in our second phase, the significance is: the second phase is a milestone in the development of the company, is a new starting point on the way forward, let us show our youthful vitality together in this new factory, work together to advance, and fully demonstrate the good spirit of our Qingyunshan people in the activity.

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     In order to make the rules of the competition more vivid, more intuitive and easier to pass, we warmly invited the senior leaders of the company to demonstrate on the spot, the scene is super powerful!
Featured Activities

       On the field, the atmosphere was warm, and the participating players were all highly motivated, using their sweat to tell us the meaning of unity, presenting the collective spirit of unity, collaboration and progress. Especially at the moment when it was difficult to distinguish between victory and defeat, everyone did not retreat, gritted their teeth and persevered to the end. The cheerleaders' shouting and cheering added a touch of brightness to the game, and every shout brought a force!
Featured ActivitiesFeatured Activities

    After a fierce competition, the invincible team successfully defended the championship, the elves and the victory team won the second and third place respectively, and the team also got a generous reward, and other participants also got a beautiful gift.

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Through this competition, the participants not only exercised their bodies and minds, but also cultivated a sense of collective honor and cooperation, and promoted the spirit of Qing Yun Shan people working together and striving for excellence.

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