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Black tea has the highest content of theaflavins among all tea types, black tea, English for black tea. black tea in the processing process of the chemical reaction centered on the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols fresh leaf composition changes, tea polyphenols reduced by more than 90%, resulting in theaflavins, theaflavins and other new components and aroma substances, with the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves, sweet taste and alcohol.
Theaflavins (TFs) is a general term for a class of compounds with benzodropholone structure formed by the oxidative condensation of catechins is the main quality component of black tea. Theaflavins have strong physiological activity, with antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic, anti-viral, hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, prevention of cardiovascular disease and anti-bacterial effects.

AGEs form cross-linked substances directly with proteins, resulting in changes in protein structure as well as function.
The AGESs bind to the corresponding receptors on the cell surface to transmit signals into the cell, altering the levels of soluble signaling molecules such as cytokines, hormones and free radicals, causing cellular effects
In human tissues, AGEs structures are found in lesioned tissue proteins, therefore, the accumulation of excessive AGEs in the body is closely related to diabetes, chronic diseases, and human aging.
best source of theaflavin

High sugar and fat
The high glycemic environment after meals promotes the production of AGEs, and the production of AGES affects the production of free radicals, which in turn promotes the production of AGEs, resulting in a vicious cycle. Studies have shown that the dangers of diabetes and obesity are inextricably linked to AGEs.

Aging wrinkles
AGEs can destroy the structure of collagen and elastin in the skin, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and support function, which eventually leads to aging and wrinkles.
AGEs can destroy the protein structure of the brain, causing brain protein fibrosis and glycosylation, contributing to the generation of age spots and oxidative stress, apoptosis of nerve cells, and the development of neurodegenerative diseases.
Theaflavin has an inhibitory effect on a-amylase and a-glucosylase, which can reduce the body's intake of reducing sugars and exert a hypoglycemic effect.
Theaflavin and tea polyphenols belong to polyphenolic compounds, and a large number of studies have confirmed that they have strong antioxidant effects in the body.
Theaflavins and other polyphenolic compounds inhibit the formation of AGEs by binding to a -dicarbonyl compounds.
Theaflavins have an inhibitory effect on cellular inflammation triggered by AGEs, blocking the cascade reaction.

Theaflavin has the ability to inhibit the production of AGEs, which can prevent the rapid accumulation of AGEs in tissues and provide an effective anti-aging effect. Theaflavin can effectively enhance the activity of enzymes in the skin, improve the antioxidant capacity of the body, and play a certain anti-aging effect. Theaflavin can effectively reduce the MDA content in aging skin and prevent the skin cells from being poisoned by MDA3, which plays an effective anti-aging effect.
Theaflavin can significantly increase the hyaluronic acid content in aging skin, so that the skin remains elastic, theaflavin has the ability to anti-aging skin. The moisture content of the skin is an important indicator of skin aging. Theaflavin can make the skin moisture content significantly higher, indicating that theaflavin has obvious anti-aging function. Theaflavin has a certain protection for the skin and plays an anti-aging effect.
best source of theaflavin
Anti-high cholesterol
Theaflavin can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, reduce the amount of cholesterol into the blood circulation, from the surface to reduce the cholesterol in the blood, theaflavin lower cholesterol.
Promote cholesterol metabolism
Theaflavin can promote the metabolism of cholesterol in the liver and accelerate the conversion and discharge of cholesterol.
Antioxidant effect
Flavoprotects the health of the cardiovascular system by reducing cellular damage from oxidative stress as a result of the obvious antioxidant effect of flavins.
Reduce fat synthesis
Theaflavin can inhibit the activity of lipid synthesis enzymes and reduce the synthesis of fat, thus lowering blood lipid levels.   
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best source of theaflavin