June Exhibition Collection


June Exhibition Collection

Driven by the new wave of consumption, the health market has gradually penetrated from the "silver-haired generation" to the younger generation. In the face of the expanding consumer market, various brand enterprises have laid out functional food track to quickly pry the food industry iterative upgrade.

June Exhibition Collection

In June, our head office, Tech-Inno Health, participated in three major exhibitions to make a comprehensive effort in the health track. Through technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation, we showed our professionalism and strength in the field of food and health to brand owners all over China.


 FBIF 2023

Food and Beverage Innovation Forum

June Exhibition Collection


Hi & Fi Asia-China 2023

Healthy Natural Ingredients, Food Ingredients China

June Exhibition Collection


CPHI China 2023

World Pharmaceutical Ingredients China

June Exhibition Collection

New and old friends meet at the exhibition, cutting-edge technology, the latest ingredients, popular efficacy, consumer insights, exchange and discuss, and work together to promote the innovation and development of the health industry.


Data-based is an important support to build explosive products


Developing a good product must be preceded by a good insight.

Following the market trend is always the key for brands to maintain a competitive advantage.

June Exhibition Collection

In order to accurately grasp the market dynamics, the popular categories reach the consumer population. Our parent company, Tech-Inno Health, invests a lot of money every year to build a database of herbal ingredients, formula database, and market demand database centered on customer needs, which not only pinpoints the target track, but also creates differentiated health categories and provides a scientific basis for brand customers to build explosive products.

With the support of big data, we "prescribe the right medicine" from the pain points of consumers, break through from the segmentation needs, and position "function vertical, ingredients first". According to the relevant data, people of Generation Y and Generation Z are the main force, and they hope to achieve the effects of weight loss and slimming, beauty care, maintaining a good figure, enhancing immunity and anti-fatigue through dietary regimen.

With the popular efficacy as the guide, our head office, Tech-Inno Health, selects high-quality ingredients. For example, Sugar Sniper Disugar® Mulberry Leaf Extract, Body Fat Crusher Big Leaf Pu'er Tea Powder, Blood Oxygen Power Booster R99 Nine-Made Black Ginseng Powder, Immune Star TiRoxC® Golden Prickly Pear Powder, etc. Meanwhile, for the technical difficulties of raw material extraction, we customize the relevant production process, through the skillful application of the de-pesticide residue technology, membrane separation technology, sugar reduction technology, low-temperature extraction technology, SFE technology, etc. With the support of the integrated health food manufacturing center, we can retain the high activity and stability of the functional factors of the raw materials to the maximum extent, which provides the basic power to realize the high efficacy of the products.


Reaching young consumers with innovative dosage forms


Consumers are the ultimate beneficiaries of the products.

Familiarity with consumer preferences makes them loyal customers of the products.

June Exhibition Collection

TI-3F functional lyophilized blocks and TI-3N Chinese small spoon cream

Throughout the field of nutrition and health products, the trend has been towards mass consumption, youthfulness, product diversification and personalization. Whether it is food companies, health food companies, pharmaceutical companies, or large ODM manufacturers have layout functional food track. A variety of nutritional supplements and other health products are emerging, a wide range of categories. How to break the mediocrity of many products, stand out and become the explosive products to impress the young consumers has become the focus of major brands.

Through in-depth analysis of market trends and consumer preferences, our head office, Tech-Inno Health, constructed 7 popular dosage form systems, among which TI-3S flash release direct-drinking granules, TI-3F functional lyophilized blocks and TI-3N Chinese small spoon cream became the most popular popular dosage forms in this month's exhibition. With the advantages of fun and multiple enjoyment, multi-sensory and precise nutrition, they have captured the expectations of mainstream consumers for nutritional health products.

June Exhibition Collection

As a professional health product supply chain total project service provider, our parent company Tech-Inno Health always takes innovation as the core, the four major development centers, ten laboratories and Guangdong Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical and Jiangxi Ganzhou Heilu Kangjian established to create differentiated products and provide quality product solutions for brand customers from both R&D and production