Apple cider vinegar and weight loss

Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar

1. Brief info.

Product Name

Apple Cider Vinegar

Botanical resource

Malus pumila


Total acid 5%


Off-white powder


Gut health, weight loss, hair care

Used for

Functional foods, beverage, body-care


25KG/ drum, double PE bag

2.Detail introduction
2.1. What is Apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the raw juice and pulp of apples. In this sense, it’s quite similar to how traditional alcoholic cider is made: bacteria break down the sugars in the apples and turn them into acetic acid, which gives apple cider vinegarits distinctively acidic taste.
Human production, edible fruit vinegar has a long history, many years earlier than food vinegar. Grape vinegar was very popular in France in the 10th century. After the 17th century, European countries combined their products and eating habits to produce different varieties of fruit vinegar. Various types of fruit vinegar products have emerged in an endless stream. The commercial development of fruit vinegar products started from the end of 1980s. With the continuous exploration and discovery of the nutrition and health care functions of fruit vinegar, consumers have gradually recognized and begun to accept fruit vinegar products, and there has been a certain market. Apple cider vinegar has become an important part of the fruit vinegar family due to its rich raw materials, wide use and excellent efficacy.

2.2. What’s the benefits of Apple cider vinegar?
·Decreasing blood sugar levels and supporting weight loss
Called “sour wine” by the French, apple cider vinegar is a potent anti-microbial substance (like probiotics) that’s been around since the era of Hippocrates.
This powerhouse effectively kills E. coli and other bacteria, doubles as a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and can be used for treating warts, ear infections, and nail fungi. Apple cider vinegar can help reduce food spoilage, make your hair shine, and condition your mouth for better oral health.

·Apple cider vinegar may help reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
Three known markers for an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease include high blood pressure, elevated blood triglycerides and high cholesterol.
When rats ate a high-cholesterol diet, apple cider vinegar kept blood triglycerides and cholesterol measurements lower. Blood pressure levels also dropped in the animal studies.
Apple cider vinegar can also protect LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized, which is known to bump up the risk of cardiovascular disease.

·Apple cider vinegar may help support weight loss.
One small study with 11 subjects showed increased feelings of fullness with high-carb meals, as well as fewer total calories consumed throughout the day.
Obese patients who added apple cider vinegar to their diets experienced modest amounts of weight loss over a three-month period. Those who used more (two tablespoons as compared to one) lost more (3.7 pounds as compared to 2.6 pounds).

2.3. Specifications we can provide
1) Total acid 5%.
2) Organic spec.

2.4. Usage & dosage Recommendation
1) Supplement: 300 to 1500 mg of apple cider vinegar powder per day
2) Beverage: 5g apple cider vinegar powder can soluble in 100mL water.

2.5. Our advantages
1) Better body-feel: Instead of the strong taste & discomfort of the ACV liquid
2) Protect teeth & stomach: Avoid the acid stimulationby ACV liquid
3) Natural resource: no acetic acid and flavors added;
4) Product Certificates: Kosher; Organic certificate(USDA & EU Organic)
5) Standard factory: ISO9001, ISO 22000, CFDA certified factory;
6) Hazard items control: pesticide residues/Pah4/Heavy mental

2.6. FAQ
Q1: Do apple cider vinegar powder have side effect?
A1: Moderate consumption of apple cider vinegar extract has not been shown to have side effects, but excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar can affect the esophagus and impair its ability to swallow.

Q2: Can apple cider vinegar powder be eaten directly?
A2:Apple cider vinegar extract can not be eaten directly, we mainly sell to buyers, and then they process the extract into tablets, capsules, particles and so on for consumption.

Q3: Do you have mother in your apple cider vinegar extract?
A3: When we make apple cider vinegar extract we filter out the bacteria and the sediment (known as the “mother”).