In March 2022, we participated in the NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST held in Anaheim, USA.
NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST is held every spring at Anaheim Convention Center, which is a world-renowned global natural and organic products and health care products exhibition it is also one of the few exhibitions in the world where you can see the ingredients and finished products in the health care industry. It provides a platform for professionals and consumers to participate, experience and make transactions. With in-depth insight into the industry, innovative and entrepreneurial approach, the event provides a meeting place for the industry to establish cooperation, enter the market and expand business, attracting many buyers from the U.S. mainland, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to negotiate.
At the exhibition ,we mainly displayed and introduced our ginseng family products and mushroom family products.

1. Star Products -Ginseng family
“Ginseng family” has been the star products series of Herb Green Health for many years. The main advantage is based on the company’s self-developed patented de-residual technology, which effectively controls the harmful components of ginseng extract such as pesticide residues, dissolving residues, PAH4, plasticizers, heavy metals, etc. The company’s ginseng products are sold at home and abroad, and are also widely acclaimed in the industry.
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Especially the Clean-Ginseng as our star product,it’s natural nutrient powder, extracted from ginseng root raw materials by patent process.Compared with other ginseng products ,Clean-Ginseng contains higher content of polysaccharides,amigo aids,vitamin and mineral elements with excellent solubility,the main effects of this product is relieving fatigue,and improving erarge.


2. Main Products - Mushroom Family
Mushrooms have a long history of consumption at home and abroad, and have been used for many years in the field of functional food. Our company is the first to comprehensively utilize the active ingredients of Reishi mushroom extract. In recent years, it has expanded to Lion’s mane mushroom, Chaga mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Dictyophora, edible tree fungus and other varieties,Evolved into a series-"Mushroom Family".Compared with conventional mushroom extracts in the market, our company has launched a series of organic mushrooms, which provides more possibilities for developing high-end health products in Europe and the United States.


 Reishi Mushroom ExtractReishi Mushroom Extract