Team Building of Herb Green Health

Life is not only about the present, but also the bright hope for the future. Work is not only limited to the daily busyness, but there is also a team building to go.

On November 19th, in order to promote the communication between colleagues in the department, enrich the amateur life of the friends, make staffs be able to fully relax and exercise after stressful work, we held the team building activity in "Guanpei Mountain Villa".

Party Night
In a sunny afternoon, after more than an hour's journey, the staffs successively arrived at Guanpei Mountain Villa with beautiful scenery. The staffs are divided into different groups, including a dinner preparation group, an on-site arrangement group, and a game group. Activities such as making dumplings, cooking, karaoke, and playing cards were carried out one after another. There was laughter and joy, and the atmosphere was lively and cheerful.

Team Building

Group Chat
After enjoying a sumptuous dinner, we ushered in the first "Talk Show". Here, everyone talks about life and work freely. Focusing on the company's slogan "Every effort must have traces", everyone expressed his thoughts on his own work and life, reflected on his shortcomings in the past, and made plans for future work. Through such an activity, good communication between team members have been strengthened, mutual emotions have been enhanced, and a good foundation has been laid for everyone to work together to accomplish the company's performance goals.

Team Building

BBQ Feast

On the morning of November 20th, we ushered in the most anticipated activity during the team building-terrace barbecue. The partners all actively participated in the preparation work, set up the grill, moved the ingredients, prepared the seasoning, displayed and placed... everything was ready, and the barbecue feast officially began. Everyone showed off different barbecue methods and techniques, full of laughter and laughter. Partners ate differently kinds of food baked by themselves and chatted about various interesting things they encountered in work and life. After eating and drinking, all the staff pulled on the banner and shouted loud slogans, drawing a successful conclusion to the activity.

Team Building
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In this team building, there are cheers, laughter, collaborative efforts, and harvest. In a harmonious atmosphere, partners have a better understanding of each other. Emotion and tacit understanding make everyone a more closely connected group. The activity has been successfully concluded, but our passion has not faded. In the future, we will work harder and better.
Team Building