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Growth Environment

Rosa Roxburghii  has certain requirements for growth environment,14°C~ 16°C most suitable, the minimum can withstand -40°C low temperature. Like moist, water-logging tolerance, but drought tolerance is very weak. Growth needs a certain amount of air humidity, to 60% relative humidity is good. Prickly pear also like fertile, soft, nutrient-rich sandy loam or PH value between 5~7 soil is good.

Rainfall is abundant, no cold in winter, no summer heat of Guizhou finally become the best place to grow Rosa Roxburghii .

Rosa Roxburghii Extract

26°N--Golden Climate Ecosystem

Fantastic hills and a dense network of rivers, with an average altitude of 1100 meters. The summers are rainy and green, with an average rainfall of 1100 mm and an average temperature of 20°C. 

Such a beautiful mountain, away from the hustle and bustle, away from the pollution of the environment not only let the Rosa Roxburghii  fruit full, bright color, nutrient-rich also let it become a unique Guizhou plateau of precious wild resources.

Production process control

We have a cooperative base of nearly 8,000  acres  in Longli, Guizhou, a vast area to provide effective assurance of raw material golden Rosa Roxburghii supply. We select eight or nine ripe golden Rosa Roxburghii as the source of natural extracts, hand-picked by local farmers.

In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, we establish a strict quality standard system, sign cooperation agreements with the growers, and implant scientific management methods in all aspects of fruit growth by establishing the corresponding mapping, to effectively control the growth and composition of each stage. This not only guarantees the traceability of the quality of the raw material produced, but also ensures the naturalness and vitality of the extract.

Rosa Roxburghii Extract

High quality suppliers, source traceable

In order to find high-quality suppliers, we carry out various forms of selection research, review literature, visit experts, field visits, etc., to fully investigate the growth environment of Rosa Roxburghii and raw material quality. Based on the eight factors affecting the raw materials, we test each part of the Rosa Roxburghii and establish a standard comparison database to provide scientific support for raw material selection. We establish the certification system of cooperative growers to ensure the traceability from "sowing" to "harvesting".

Rosa Roxburghii Extract

Optimize supply system to retain high activity

We analyze the Rosa Roxburghii with different ripeness and test the content of core related components, and find that the Rosa Roxburghii with eight or nine ripeness not only have good nutrient content, but also are easier to store and transport. In order to retain the fresh fruit flavor of Rosa Roxburghii , we extract the juice directly from the fresh prickly pear fruits locally, and freeze and preserve the juice concentrate for subsequent storage and deep processing.

Rosa Roxburghii Extract

Multiple mapping establishment, superior control of fruit quality

In order to get the high quality Rosa Roxburghii , we form a link of ripening - harvesting - selection - extraction - processing and other links, corresponding to the establishment of quality control mapping UV fingerprint mapping, infrared fingerprint mapping, HPLC fingerprint mapping, signature composition detection, etc., effectively Control the high quality of each link, to ensure the content of the active ingredients of the extract, to avoid the loss of core functional ingredients.

Our technology of Rosa Roxburghii Extract also authorized " A vitamin C rich Rosa Roxburghii Extract powder and its preparation method"  invention patent ,more information→Our vitamin C rich rosa roxburghii powder ware awarded the Health China-Nutrition and Health Industry Innovative Technology! - Herb Green Health Biotech

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Rosa Roxburghii ExtractRosa Roxburghii Extract