Functional Snack : How to capture the new generation of consumers of functional food?


100 billion-level functional food track,

How to capture the new generation of consumers?


With the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for healthy and functional food has become a hot trend that consumers are paying attention to. Post-90s and millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations sharply different from previous generations.


New & Funny Experience


 Young people always love to try new things. Apart from the traditional dosage form, like capsule, tablet, and granule, we’d like to recommend you several trendiest dosage forms: 3F FD Block, 3NC Drink, 3S MIM Powder and NANOPOPTM Bubble Tablet. These dosage forms make functional food more like snacks, with good taste and fun at the same time. 


 Functionl FD Block


Function & taste beyond the brand

The world is welcoming a wave of new brands, especially the food industry. The new brands bring more than 20Billion USD market value in China. Investigation found that new generation focus on function and taste, a strong brand isn't enough to lock in a sale. They are clear about life priorities and focus on quality of life.


Innovate formulation, proved function and good taste is the key factors that young generation focused on. With 30-year of experience on natural ingredient, we can give more diversity to our products' efficacy. Then validate the function and taste by Efficacy Evaluation Lab & Sensory Evaluation Lab, to make sure the scientific and uniqueness of formulation for our brand customer.


Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

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Convenience first, Take it anytime, anywhere,


To satisfy young generation’s different scene requirements, we pack the products with portable and designed packaging.

No water?

3S MIM powder can melt in mouth fast without water.

Can’t swallow?

NANOPOP bubble tablet can be melt on tongue, with bubble & good taste.

No cup?

3F FD block can be taken like eating yogurt cubes, with crunchy texture.

For Example:

Imagine that after fitness, you need to take 30g protein powder. First, you need to find a cup, dissolve the protein powder in water, for protein powder is hard to dissolve, you must shake it constantly. After drinking, you need to wash the cup immediately, or the residual protein solution will become a medium for microorganisms in the air. But now, we just need to tear open the package of a protein FD Block, then throw the block into mouth. Convenience, fast and efficient is what young people are pursuing.


Functional snack

Skin-care Cases Show

In an era of blossoming oral beauty products, the new generation has become the consumption main force of the oral beauty food industry.


3NC drink Anti- Glycation 3NC Drink
Main ingredients: 
Ti-RoxC® Rosa roxburghii Extract,
Lycopene, Embergia powder,
Liriodendron nigrum fruit powder, Lycopene

Taste: Fruit and Flower Tea Fragrance
Application: Whitening, Anti-cellulite
3NC Drink
Skin Anti-aging MIM Powder
Main ingredients: 
Cherry blossom extract,
Black tea extract,
Niacinamide, Astaxanthin,
Buddha's hand powder, Collagen tripeptide

Taste: Fruity, sweet, and sour taste.
Function: Antioxidant and antiaging
Rosa roxburghii Extract FD Block
Skin hydrating FD Block
Main ingredients: 
Collagen Tripeptide,
Sodium Hyaluronate,
Elastin Peptide,
Ti-RoxC® Rosa roxburghii Extract

Taste: crispy, sweet, with a little sour

Application: skin hydrating snacks

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